Welcome to Wordsmith Academy

It started out like any other great story: with an idea. 

We wanted to create, not only a writing school, but an online hub for learning materials, high quality courses, resources, and to nurture a growing online community of writers.

There’s no shortage of online resources for those wanting to learn how to write. No matter your discipline, be it novels, non-fiction books, screenwriting, short stories, or anything in between, there’s a blog or video out there telling you how to do it. But Wordsmith Academy is different.

Not only will Wordsmith Academy be tackling all disciplines of writing (over time), but we also offer the motivation and constant prodding that most writers need in order to succeed. The successful writer is the one that never gives up. But we know it’s not always that easy so we created Wordsmith Academy to be the teaching and cheerleading resource you need. 

From informative video courses and worksheets, to Q&A interviews with authors, publishers, and literary agents, story coaching, and more. Wordsmith Academy is the writing school you’ve been looking for.

Meet the Wordsmith Academy Team


Andrew Buckley

Co-Founder/Lead Instructor

Andrew Buckley is a traditionally published author of rather silly, yet enjoyable fiction for all ages. As an ex-pat Brit living in Canada, Andrew is a passionate nerd, movie-lover, avid reader, comic book geek, public speaker, podcaster, and dances a mean cha-cha. He’s also the co-founder and lead instructor at Wordsmith Academy, handling curriculum development and content creation.


Maurits Nienhuis

Co-Founder/Creative Guy

Maurits Nienhuis, a Dutch export from the Netherlands, is a professional videographer, graphic designer, and web designer. Mau loves to tell stories through visual and audio mediums, is the co-founder of Wordsmith Academy, and spends most of his time making everyone else look good. He’s also a guitar gear nerd, and an excellent road trip buddy (when he actually manages to stay awake).

Wordsmith Academy:
The Future

As of right now, we have the full novel writing course taught by Andrew Buckley. “Is that it?!” we hear you shriek with reckless abandon. No it is not. Plans for 2020 include new courses taught by Los Angeles-based writer, Brad Schreiber (screenwriting, writing humor), and licensed courses for Elementary, Middle, and High School classes. We’ll also be adding regular webinars that will be a combination of education, entertainment, and Q&A interviews with industry professionals. Plus we’ll be building and developing an interactive online community. 

And that’s all just in the next year . . .

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