Welcome to Wordsmith Academy

Ever since the first scribe put ink to paper, the craft of writing has been in a constant state of development and learning.

Wordsmith Academy was created to help writers get out of their own way. From crippling self-doubt to poor story planning, from not knowing where to start, to hunting for your ideal agent or publisher, we cover all the bases! We teach classes in storytelling, novel writing, publishing, marketing, writing craft, screenwriting, and more—with new content added all the time!

Our instructors are all industry professionals and experts in their respective fields, teaching in various disciplines of writing. Online self-paced courses help keep you on track on your schedule, while hybrid learning allows students to take a self-paced course with instructor support to help you keep hitting those writing milestones.

Take a class, sign up for story coaching, and elevate your writing journey to new levels! – Become a Wordsmith Today!

Meet the Wordsmith Academy Team


Andrew Buckley

Co-Founder/Lead Instructor

Andrew Buckley is a traditionally published author of rather silly, yet enjoyable fiction for all ages. As an ex-pat Brit living in Canada, Andrew is a passionate nerd, movie-lover, avid reader, comic book geek, public speaker, podcaster, and dances a mean cha-cha. He’s also the co-founder and lead instructor at Wordsmith Academy, handling curriculum development and content creation.


Maurits Nienhuis

Co-Founder/Creative Guy

Maurits Nienhuis, a Dutch export from the Netherlands, is a professional videographer, graphic designer, and web designer. Mau loves to tell stories through visual and audio mediums, is the co-founder of Wordsmith Academy, and spends most of his time making everyone else look good. He’s also a guitar gear nerd, and an excellent road trip buddy (when he actually manages to stay awake).


Lindsay Wagensveld

Social Media Maven

Lindsay is a mother of three human children and three furry ones, an inexperienced and less than graceful kickboxer, and an Assistant Community Librarian. For as long as she can remember, she has been a passionate wordsmith. From crafting poems about her pets as a child to the various piles of unfinished manuscripts that sit in
her magic cloud, she has always found writing a necessity for her life.