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No Matter What Aspect of the Writing World You’re Looking to Learn About . . . We’ve Got a Class for That! (and if we don’t, we will soon)

Wordsmith Academy online self-paced classes can be purchased individually to be watched in your own time. We offer long form multi-module courses on writing craft, publishing, and marketing, along with shorter singular specialty classes covering varied subject matter from the writing world—all taught by industry professionals who bring their experience to the online classroom!

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From Brain to Book

Instructor: Andrew Buckley
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $129 USD

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About the Course

Want to write a novel, but not sure where to start?

Need to brush up on your storytelling skills? Looking to launch your creative writing career? From Brain to Book is the novel writing course of your dreams!

This novel writing course developed and taught by author and professional writer, Andrew Buckley, is designed to help those who are thinking of writing a novel, have started writing a novel, want to start a novel, or are just looking for something really awesome and inspiring to kick them in the creative rear end!


School Visits for Authors

Instructor: Andrew Buckley
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $60 USD

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About the Course

If you’re an author, and have published a book (whether it be self, traditional, or otherwise), you should be speaking in schools about your writing craft and your experience. Students and teachers alike love to hear from authors, it’s an excellent source of additional income, and gives you more opportunity to sell your books.

This course will teach you how to reach out to schools, who to contact, what to charge, how to build your presentation/workshops, and more! Andrew Buckley has been speaking at schools and conferences for over 6 years and shares his valuable experiences and best practices in this exciting self-paced 3-module course.

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