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Frequently Asked

Here you can find common questions and answers regarding the Wordsmith Academy courses and website.

How do I choose the best class for me?

Browse all our product offerings, including upcoming live masterclasses, self paced courses, pre-recorded classes, and more and select the offering and instructor that best suits your writing needs and interests. If you’re still unsure what to take, why not try a free webinar? Or email us at contact@wordsmithacademy.com.

Are fees in CAD or USD?

All products, including classes, courses, and story coaching at Wordsmith Academy are listed in USD.

Do you have a refund policy?

We don’t have an official policy, but we strive to keep our students happy. If you’re displeased with Wordsmith Academy in any way, we encourage you to contact us at contact@wordsmithacademy.com.

How will the ‘From Brain to Book’ help me write a novel?

By taking you on a storytelling journey, right from the foundational basics, through the labyrinth of character development, conflict, setting, and act structure, emerging on the other end a hardened literary warrior, unafraid to hold your pen aloft and scream your war cry into the chaotic winds of the publishing world! Or something to that effect.

Got a questions we don’t answer here?

Fire us an email at contact@wordsmithacademy.com.