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Want to write a novel, but not sure where to start?
Need to brush up on your storytelling skills?
Looking to launch your creative writing career?

Why would I take this course?

This novel writing course developed and taught by author and professional writer, Andrew Buckley, is designed to help those who are thinking of writing a novel, have started writing a novel, want to start a novel, or are just looking for something really awesome and inspiring to kick them in the creative rear end!

How will this course help me write a novel?

By taking you on a storytelling journey, right from the foundational basics, through the labyrinth of character development, conflict, setting, and act structure, emerging on the other end a hardened literary warrior, unafraid to hold your pen aloft and scream your war cry into the chaotic winds of the publishing world! Or something to that effect.

Instructor Andrew Buckley

Andrew Buckley - Novel Writing Course Instructor

Course Contents

Module #1

Intro to Novel Writing

Free Module

This module will provide you with a broad overview of the novel writing course, what to expect, why it was created, and why it’ll become an awesome resource for you and your writing career.

Class List

  • Introducing the Wonderful World of Novel Writing
  • About the Instructor

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Module #2

It’s All Part of the Plan – Story Planning

Like it or not, planning is an integral part of writing. In this module you’ll learn how to properly plan and research your novel, take part in planning exercises, and start to create the blueprint for your novel.

Class List

  • Intro to Module 2
  • Ideas, Genres, and Trends
  • Exercise – Son of a Pitch Session
  • Researching Your Novel
  • Exercise – Plan Your Research
  • Picking Your Point of View
  • Story Structure & Planning
  • Exercise – Story Planning Worksheet

Module #3

Slapping People in the Face with a Fish

This module takes you through the importance of creating engaging and memorable opening lines, the all-important first chapter, and how to make a good first impression.

Class List

  • Intro to Module 3
  • Opening Lines
  • Exercise – Opening Lines
  • First Chapters

Module #4

How to Develop Awesome Characters

Characters are the lifeblood of any story and proper care and attention has to be paid to their development. This module will explain the paradigm of heroes and villains and how to use archetypes to improve your story.

Class List

  • Intro to Module 4
  • Good vs. Evil – Protag vs. Antag
  • Character Arcs and Archetypes – The Hero’s Journey
  • Character Development Tips – Worksheet
  • Quiz – Archetype Recap

Module #5

The Hero’s Journey in 456 Simple Steps

This module completes the hero’s journey, following the 12 steps of any story and applying the formula to a well-known movie as an example. This structure is the framework that helps strengthen your storytelling.

Class List

  • Intro to Module 5
  • The Hero’s Journey in 456 Simple Steps
  • Quiz – Hero’s Journey Recap

Module #6

Making and Breaking the 3 Act Structure

With the knowledge of the hero’s journey firmly stuck in our brain, now it’s time to create a three act structure for your story. The importance of three acts and when it’s okay to break the structure is explored.

Class List

  • Intro to Module 6
  • The 3-Act Structure
  • Breaking the Rules and Exercise -Worksheet

Module #7

Writing Real Dialogue

The importance of dialogue is often overlooked, but the way your characters communicate is an integral part of your story as it relates to exposition, development, and tone. This module will show you how to create ‘real’ dialogue.

Class List

  • Intro to Module 7
  • Writing Out Loud
  • Mechanics of Dialogue
  • Quiz – Real Dialogue 
  • Real Dialogue – Worksheet

Module #8

Procrastination and Motivation

It afflicts all writers like a plague! Wrist cramps? No! Procrastination! Keeping motivated and having a sense of discipline when it comes to your writing is important. Fortunately, that’s what this module it all about.

Class List

  • Intro to Module 8
  • The Procrastination Factor
  • Staying Motivated – Andrew’s 6 Methods to Kill Procrastination

Module #9

Publishing 101

This is our endgame. Everyone writer wants to be a published author. We take a broad look at the publishing industry and how it’s changed over the years. 

Class List

  • Intro to Publishing

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