Learning the Story Wheel (Screenwriting) – 2 Sessions


About the Masterclass

Instructor: Brian Bradley
Date Session 1: Tuesday April 26th, 2022
Date Session 2: Tuesday May 3rd, 2022
Time: 6pm PST
Duration: 2 Hours Per Session
# of Students: 25

You have an idea for a script—a world no one’s ever seen, characters you love—you’ve even worked out some of the scenes. It’s all there! The only problem is you have no idea how to take all this great stuff and transform it into a satisfying and coherent story. Join television writer, Brian Bradley, on an exciting journey into the world of story structure in the form of the Story Wheel! In this class you will not learn how to reinvent the wheel, but you will get some tips on how to make one that actually rolls. Preferably in the right direction.

Note: You’ll receive a link to the Zoom session via email prior to your scheduled masterclass.

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