You Wrote a Book. Now What? – Self-Publishing vs. Traditional – Masterclass


About the Masterclass

Instructor: Tamara Cribley
November 19th, 6pm PST
Duration: 2-3 Hours

Is Indie Publishing right for YOU? Over the last ten years, the publishing landscape has changed drastically. Self-publishing has created opportunities for writers that never existed before. It’s “easy!” …or so some will say. But success requires professionalism, especially in indie publishing. Quality has a cost: time, knowledge, money, or some combination thereof. Discover what you’ll need to have and do in order to publish professionally. During this class we’ll: 1) Discuss common goals 2) Explore the complete publication process, and the things you’ll need (Copyright, ISBN, LCCN) and 3) Cover best practices for hiring and working with industry professionals.

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About Tamara Cribley

A self-described type junkie, Tamara Cribley has spent most of her life around books. With an education in design and photography and love of order and details, Tamara is a hot-shot catalog designer turned layout mistress, taming wayward words into eye-pleasing shape. For the last 5 years, she has worked exclusively with indie presses and self-publishing authors, mentoring them through professional independent publication. At the end of the day, Tamara flees her computer to hike the gorgeous Colorado landscape or do her part to give back as a volunteer K-9 handler for the local Search and Rescue Team.