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Author Problems

One of the biggest problems writers face is the simple act of sitting down and writing. Also writing queries. Also writing a synopsis. Also reviewing their work. Oh! And staying motivated. 

Wordsmith Solutions

The Wordsmith Academy Story Coaching Services are offered to help writers and authors streamline their work, solve story issues, stay motivated, and prep their MS for publication.

Choose Your Story Coaching Service

Query Doctor

$75 USD

There’s an unconventional amount of pressure placed on your query letter. It needs to be perfect! More than perfect! Fortunately, we have years of experience reviewing queries and can help you craft a glorious work of art in 2-3 paragraphs.

First Chapter
Review & Critique

$125 – $190 USD

The first chapter is the all important first thing to be read by your future literary agent and/or publisher. Think of it as the one chance to make a great first impression. Let us help you ensure it’s an awesome one!

$125 USD (Up to 3000 words)
$190 USD (3000-5000 words)

Up to 3000 words

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3000-5000 words

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First Three Chapters
Review & Critique

$325 – $400 USD

The only thing more important than your first chapter is your first three chapters! When submitting your manuscript for review to a publisher or literary agent, they most commonly ask to see the first three chapters, so they have to be pure solid gold! We’ll review your first three chapters and provide a marked up MS with notes and corrections. 

$325 USD (Up to 9000 words)
$400 USD (9000-12000 words)

Up to 9000 words

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9000-12000 words

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Synopsis Doctor

$125 USD

There’s nothing more difficult than boiling your freshly written manuscript down to a few paragraphs. But don’t worry, we can help! Provide us with a short point form breakdown of your story and we’ll build a synopsis for you. 

$125 USD (1-2 pages max)

Full Manuscript
Review and Critique

Pricing Varies

This is a full developmental/line edit of your manuscript – Requires a Completed MS

  • $600 USD (Up to 40,000 words)
  • $800 USD (40,000 to 60,000 words)
  • $1000 USD (60,000 to 80,000 words)
  • $1200 USD (80,000 to 100,000 words)
  • Contact for a quote (100,000+ words)

Up to 40,000 words

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40,000-60,000 words

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60,000-80,000 words

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80,000-100,000 words

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